NG Services


NG Counselling

At the core of NG Counselling is Nitya Gurukula’s Dharmic approach, intended to protect - Clients, NG Resources and NG.


NG Training

NG Training has evolved over 30 plus years, founded on CEO’s training experience with different populations. NG training continues to evolve in tune with societal requirements


NG Supervision

NG Supervision is a holistic and contractual relationship and process resulting in the sustainable Professional development


NG Workshops

Nitya Gurukula Workshops are NG People Work interventions in groups, where participants are facilitated to achieve Holistic Wellness.

NG Testimonials

“NG is a perfect platform to grow myself personally and professionally.
I am experiencing the depth of Holistic Wellness.”

NG Associate

“Nitya Gurukula gave me confidence to explore my competencies
and learnt to improve myself holistically”.

NG Resource (Full Time) & Trainee
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Consultation
  • Mediation in family disputes
  • Counselling: Online & In person: Individuals, Couples, Family, Visually Challenged & Supportive Cancer Care
  • Transactional Analysis TA:
  • 1st Level - CTA
  • 2nd Level - TSTA
  • Counselling-3 Levels: Barefoot, Theoretician, Practitioner
  • Tai Chi
  • Live – In person
  • Case study
  • Tier
  • Group
  • Enhanced Self Esteem
  • Holistic Parenting
  • Tai Chi for Health & Wellness
  • Emotional Intelligence & Literacy
  • Effective Leadership
  • Holistic Professionalism
  • Holistic Competencies in handling emotions, relationships
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Work Life Balance
  • Micro & Macro Perspectives